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Welcome to a walk with history and culture

A short drive north from Stavanger takes you to the islands Mosterøy, Klosterøy and Fjøløy. Here you will meet an exciting historical area and a cultural landscape - easy to fall in love with. Green undulating hills and the sea horizon create a kind of peace of mind and soul - regardless of the weather. The area is called the «Green islands" and it is a good description of the landscape.

Utstein Monastery on Klosterøy is the best preserved medieval monastery in Norway and close by you will find the retreat center, Utstein Pilegrimsgard. Here and on the island «Fjøløy»  there are marked hiking trails which are frequently used by visitors and locals.
With a mobile phone with a QR scanner, you can experience an interesting and rewarding walk along these trails. 7 signs invite visitors to various "listening experiences" through 7 digital apps. At Utstein Monastery there is a special sign where you can learn about its history and watch a short film from the Monastery Church with the Bishop of Stavanger, Anne Lise Ådnøy. 

You can install a QR scanner from your app store. Such are either free or paid apps.

With your mobile phone in your hand, you can give yourself a good excuse for a walk in our unique nature. A short trip which can provide good entertainment and knowledge, when you make a stop at the signs at Utstein and Fjøløy.

We wish you a nice walk!


A walk from sign to sign

The best way to experience the content of the theme walk is outdoors. When you are walking from sign to sign, you are like a pilgrim on a journey through the history and development of nature, people and faith. 
Stop and scan a sign. Listen to the content while you are on the site or make "bookmarks" on the links and listen at another occasion.

The past create the future

The main theme "From Viking to Pilgrim" is a story about nature's own journey, the journeys of migrations, the journeys of the various cultural currents, the journeys of the Vikings and the journeys of pilgrims in earlier times. In this theme, there is a legacy we can learn from today. Every human is a in a way a pilgrim on the journey of life.

People of today are generally concerned with their external growth. The inner spiritual growth is often forgotten in everyday noise, anxiety and envy. Maybe we should listen a little more to the heart and focus more on simplicity in life and becoming better fellow human beings?


The 7 keywords

The pilgrim is the main character in most of the stories on the 7 signs and we hope that this short journey will inspire you to become a pilgrim later on an outer and inner pilgrimage to Nidaros or another holy place of your own desire.

The pilgrim´s 7 keywords are:
Freedom • Slowness • Simplicity • Carefreeness • Silence • Community • Spirituality.

What is the opposite meaning of the words above? What do you feel when you reflect on words like freedom and silence ?
We hope the content of the 7 signs will be enriching for you as well as entertaining.

Note! The content on the English and German QR-codes are limited to the main story - From viking to Pilgrim.


The Pilgrim route in Rogaland

The Utstein area has a unique history of pilgrimage and pilgrims on their way to holy destinations. The main target was and still is Nidaros and the tomb of St. Olaf Haraldsson. Along the way there are many other sacred places to visit.

While the horrors of the Viking raids still was a living memory in the hearts and minds of people in England and further south in Europe, pilgrims flocked to Norway from far and near. Many came along the coast by boats and on foot. This route was probably the safest way for foreign travellers.

In post modern times, pilgrimages have had a renaissance in Norway. Old pilgrimage paths have been cleared and marked and every year thousands of pilgrims choose to follow in the footsteps of former pilgrims.

In 2018 the «Kystpilegrimsleden» was opened as an official pilgrimage route. This is the Coastal Pilgrimage Trail to Nidaros. Utstein Monastery and Utstein Pilegrimsgard are official stopping points along this route. In the spring of 2021, a brochure was made for «Kystpilegrimsleden through Rogaland». You can enjoy a digital version in this link.


Visitutstein.no is a brand for tourism marketing in our area. The website contains information about what´s available locally - services, businesses and events. In the picture viewer above you will find inspiring motifs from our nature.

Click and watch: visitutstein.no 

(Photos:  Arvid Kaspersen - Manager at Utstein Pilegrimsgard)

The Celtic nature close to the sea gap was what attracted the first settlers. A place for silence, calm and peace. The open sea and the landscape under a large sky inspire pilgrims, tourists from near and far, anglers and locals.

NOTE! Follow the hiking trails and the local rules for traffic in open country.
Everyone who lives here, wants you to have a good experience. Welcome to Utstein!


Utstein kloster hotel

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Utstein Monastery

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Gallery Utstein

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Pilegrim i Rogaland

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Fjøløy Lighthouse

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Fjøløy fortification

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Utstein Pilegrimsgard

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Pilgrimage at Utstein is produced by Utstein Pilgrimsgard with support from Stavanger municipality and others. Utstein Pilgrimsgard wants to be a spiritual charging station and a friendly stopping point on demanding stages in everybody´s journey of life.